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Nicole and Andrew started dating in the summer of 2008. Right from the beginning, every time Nicole was introduced to someone new, they would ask immediately if she was skier! Andrew is a long time freestyle skier. He spent many years competing! After starting college, Andrew retired and began coaching; he traveled to Vermont every weekend to ski. Nicole was convinced the only way she would truly fit in with Andrew and his friends was if she gave up her snowboard for skis! Everyone told Nicole she would never be able to ski like Andrew... boy, were they in for a surprise!
That winter, Andrew taught Nicole how to ski. Within the first few hours, she moved from the bunny hill to a blue trail. The very first trail she learned to ski on, a blue trail called Yodeler, remains her favorite to this day. Andrew knew Nicole was learning fast, so he decided to push her in the right direction. He kept saying she wouldn't be able to handle harder trails knowing that it would drive her to ski them. On Day 2, Nicole tackled two black diamonds, Spruce and Liftline, thanks to her determination and Andrews coaching ability!
On day 3, Andrew suggested she wouldn’t be able to ski Bear Down, one of the mountains harder double black diamond trails. The trail is now properly called Nicole Down. What Andrew didn't realize was that Bear Down would be bumped (i.e. moguls) from top to bottom. What were they to do? Nicole refused to turn around and admit defeat… after all, she called them the "stupid little bumps." She got down the trail, but fell from every single mogul. She would hit a bump, fall down, hit a bump, fall down... and Andrew stayed with her, mogul after mogul, for the hour and a half it took her to get down. Keep in mind it would have taken Andrew less than 5 minutes to get down the entire mogul line. He could have even thrown in a 360, or some other trick just to show off.
Thanks to one of the best coaches, those days are history…now she can keep up with Andrew any day. Andrew knew then, as she was cursing at him mogul after mogul, that she was the one. Nicole was so determined to learn how to ski the bumps, something that is such a big part of his life... all the bumps and bruises (even the few concussions that jogged Nicoles memory) meant the world to him. Nicole knew forever had started when Andrew skied backwards down each and every trail, watching her as she went down to make sure she was okay, screaming at her to "reach."
Now, when Andrew introduces Nicole, they properly answer she’s a mogul skier too. Of course, Andrew didn't get off that easy... Nicole had her own sports and traditions, especially with a brother and three sisters. Going forward, they will continue to share their love for one and another... getting over every bump on the mountain, every mogul in the way... they will tackle it together, reaching for whats next!